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The decisions of the Judges will be final. Also, the details are usually vague — these competitions promise prominent judges and intros to big-name producers or reps but fail to identify them or promise to bring your work to the attention of the industry, but fail to specify the method and which often turns out to be nothing more than an email blast, which is something you can just as easily do for yourself without having to spring for an entry fee.

If you have several months before your next opportunity to pitch, why not join a Toastmasters International club in your area. Instead, of the would-be rescuers swimming from a herd of brontosaurs, they are caught in a wild brontosaurus stampede. Email us at info creativeworldawards.


We are all paying for the big monkey, bring him on. Submission fees are encouraged online through the submission service's secure payment system, however, they can be submitted by mail. This prize list is subject to revision until the official closing date of the Contest May 3, or as extended.

Ideally, you should participate in those that best suit your script and your goals. Kong moves perfectly, but many of the dinosaur scenes, as good as they are, look like twelve year-old left overs from Jurassic Park. The King Kong took longer to view.

Tucci have produced and financed over 30 films over the past several years under the Parkside Pictures banner. However, Creative World Awards LLC does not attest to or guarantee the validity of any subsequent agreements between applicant s and said parties.

Please read and understand the above Rules and Regulations.

AAA Screenplay Contest

Please read and understand the above Rules and Regulations. We also encourage entrants to add CWA to your email address list to ensure email correspondence is not sent to spam or bulk mail. The film even highlights its fault with the very unwise line, "Who the hell do you think went through there, some guy in an ape suit.

Finally, a number of contests offer opportunities for publicity and exposure — profiles in screenwriting magazines and event newsletters, interviews and logline postings on event websites, inclusion in email blasts and press releases, etc.

He dies with a gesture of confusion as if to say how did I get here. CWA in conjunction with The Moving Image Xchange Productions, will produce a short film version of the script to help generate interest for the feature script.

Make sure you practice your pitch We all have varying speaking abilities. This is not a man-in-a-suit, but a character more real than the ones played by Robert Armstrong and Faye Wray. Make sure you have a logline A logline consists of one or two sentences one is better that captures the premise of your script in the most compelling way.

Creative Screenwriting's AAA Screenwriting Contest

Plus, the GPW also receives: Inspired by a true story. The option does not affect the cash disbursement. Peter Jackson with notes on two other versions Kong and I go way back. If paying by mail, we accept money orders only. How can I do that.

The film gets a guaranteed premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival. The award issued by any such arbitrator may be entered and confirmed as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. Do I have to accept the option from the producer. We will accept collaborative work, but by no more than two authors.

The residents grumble but do nothing until Greg takes matters into his own hands, and rallies the residents to action. A word of warning — while a vast majority of screenwriting competitions are legitimate, professional, and deliver what they promise, there are a few dubious ones out there.

Keywords: Action, Comedy, Tentpole. Awards: Chesterfield Competition Finalist, Thunderbird Screenwriting Competition Winner, Laughing Horse Screenwriting Winner, Cyclone Screenwriting Contest – Finalist, AAA Competition - Finalist. Logline: You think your job sucks?Detroit is funny & dirty in this rowdy road comedy about crash dummies who rescue one of their own from a disgruntled plant.

The Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest is looking for the next great feature or pilot. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $5, in CASH as well has have their script optioned by Producer Danny Roth (The Hurricane Heist, LBJ, The. Creative Screenwriting magazine is well known for its screenplay contests hosted throughout the year, the Expo Screenplay Competition, the AAA Screenplay Contest, and the Cyberspace Open Scene-Writing Competition.

Creative Screenwriting is easily one of the most top-notch, respected screenwriting magazines out there (and for what it’s worth– I am not being paid to write this I truly just think they do a good job), and the AAA (Access, Acclaim, Achievement) offers some terrific prizes.

The winner of the AAA contest will be profiled in Creative Screenwriting magazine and the names of the top ten finalists will be published in CS Weekly.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine Announces

Finalists and their screenplays will also be publicized in press releases and ads placed in industry publications. About Ray Morton Ray Morton is a writer and script consultant. His many books, including A Quick Guide to Screenwriting, are available online and in allianceimmobilier39.com analyzes screenplays for production companies, producers, and individual writers.

Logline contest creative screenwriting aaa
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